Born and raised in Providence, RI, I was nurtured in a family with artistic awareness and talents who encouraged my independence and gave me the freedom to follow my dreams.     I always hoped to focus on a career in art and share my passion with others. My undergraduate studies at the University of Houston and Rhode Island College led me to a successful teaching career and cultivated a love for Ceramics, Photography, and travel.  I continued my training earning a Masters degree from Cambridge College.    Visiting the border towns in Texas started my visual awareness of cultural diversity and wanderlust to explore an unbeaten path.  I have explored 5 continents, creating photographic images that capture the cultural aspects of people   and places.   U  tilizing my camera and artistic eye, I focus on color, composition and design to tell a unique story of each place and cultural experience. Happily retired, I can focus on my numerous collections and as paths unravel, I hope to continue to capture cultures that are slowly becoming homogenized and disappearing in a  “Changing World’”.    
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